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Peach IntelliHealth Inc is a New York based Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI/ML) healthcare company. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through actionable data analytics.


Five MIT scientists, including three professors and two PhD graduates, specializing in AI/ML and healthcare launched Peach IntelliHealth. Klaudyne Hong, CEO and Co-Founder, received her PhD from MIT and subsequently led R&D at Johnson and Johnson and ScheringAG.  Bruce Tidor, Co-Founder, is MIT Professor of Computer Science and Biological Engineering and is instrumental for Peach technology development. The extended Peach team includes full-time scientists and engineers in the US and Singapore.


Prevention is Better than Cure

We give providers deep tech analytics to see their ICU or ambulatory patient’s future physiology, to they know: which patient will deteriorate; the rate and magnitude of decline; and who will or will not respond to existing treatment. Foreknowledge optimizes treatment to improve outcomes and costs. 

Peach’s analytics platform uses proprietary AI/ML to predict patient health trajectory 1-2 days BEFORE measurable signals. Examples of what it can predict include: Cardiovascular Health, Major Organ Dysfunction, Systemic Inflammation, Vitals, and Hematological Lab Values. 

We collaborated with a premiere 1,200-bed hospital in Singapore to conduct a successful clinical study involving 5,000 ICU patients. Using Peach’s AI, healthcare providers gained 24-hour advanced insights into their patient’s organ health and inflammatory status. The Peach ACE app received regulatory approval and ISO certification.

Predicting Patient Trajectory and Response to Treatment, 1-2 Days in Advance

Benefits For Providers, Patients, and Families

Hospitals: Improving Patient Outcomes Sooner at Reduced Costs

AI foresight supports clinical decision making to facilitate earlier, targeted intervention to reduce ICU Length of Stay (LOS) and improve patient outcomes faster!

Remote Patient Monitoring: Peach AI Within Your Mobile Medical Device

Investors + Partners

There’s only one reason why we work so hard: we want to save lives.

We support synergistic partnerships that can accelerate delivery of solutions to patients. If you are a researcher or an entity that shares our passion, you are invited to contact us for collaborative opportunities at


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