About Peach

Peach IntelliHealth Inc is a New York based company using artificial intelligence & machine learning (AI/ML) in healthcare. Our mission is to improve healthcare outcomes through actionable data analytics. Our proprietary technology is grounded in machine learning and artificial intelligence. We deploy sophisticated modeling of complex data to facilitate understanding of their interdependencies and enable customizable solutions.


Peach IntelliHealth was founded by thought leaders in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Healthcare. The CEO received her PhD from MIT and subsequently led R&D teams in Big Pharma, tackling Stroke, Parkinson’s, Heart Disease and Cancer for over a dozen years. She later founded a bioscience partnering firm to help more biomedical companies succeed. She is passionate about disruptive innovations and co-founded Peach to create novel transformative solutions across diseases. Her co-Founder is Professor of Computer Science and Biological Engineering at MIT. He trained at Harvard, attended Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, co-directed MIT’s Computational and Systems Biology Initiative, and currently leads Peach technology development. The extended Peach team includes alums of Brown, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, Parsons, Yale, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Veterans Administration.

Reason to Exist

Our approach is differentiated from everyone else’s, including some of the largest blue chip companies with really smart AI machines. We are creating user-friendly products because we are the patients, friends and families who use these products. We are deploying brand new technology, and we innovate every month. And so far, so good.

Investors + Partners

Peach is privately funded. Interested and serious parties can email us at sliceofpie@peachih.com.

We understand and support synergistic partnerships that can accelerate delivery of solutions to patients. If you are a company or researcher who shares our passion, you are invited to contact us for collaborative opportunities at partnership@peachih.com.


124 West 60th Street
Suite #49C
New York, NY 10023